“Sleigh what?”

Merry Christmas! I had forgotten this story, which appeared as I flipped through my blog archives. I hope you enjoy it; and I hope your New Year is filled with peace and joy!

Write in Front of Me

From the Archives:  Sleighing Sleighing (Photo credit: pmarkham) (Note the jingle bells on the harness)

What’s Christmas without a story?  Here’s a true one.  Happened to me a while back.  I was looking for a jingle bell, because my wife said she wanted to wear one on her winter down coat for Christmas.  Since I had buried the few jingle bells we had, I suggested she stop by a local, national-chain pharmacy to see if I could find one.  Into the store I went.  Up and down the aisles.  Tinsel, trees, lights…no jingle bells.  A second check…no bells to be found.  I asked a fellow who was rummaging through the holiday and Christmas decorations if he’s seen jingle bells anywhere; turns out he was a customer, not staff.  I apologized, thanked him anyway, and finally found a store clerk.  She was a woman in her mid-fifties or so.  “Do you have any jingle…

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