Nothing’s Promised

“It’s as if the AT is calling me and I need to go see what it has to say, all the way from beginning to end.” – Cato readies himself for his own Appalachian Trail endeavor.

Cato LaCroix A.T. ‘18

This April I will be attempting my first ever thru hike. My trail of choice: The Appalachian Trail. The “AT” is a 2,100 mile trail stretching from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Kahtadin, Maine. Each year thousands of people from all different walks of life attempt to complete this journey, with each individual having their own reason(s) to do so. I have never done any backpacking before and this is by far the most “out of my comfort zone” experience I will have ever embarked on in my 24 years of life.

As my start date gets near, I find myself thinking about why I’m doing this. Why am I leaving the comforts and luxuries of my current life to live in the woods carrying everything I need on my back for 6 months? Ive read that it’s important for you to have a “why” for you to remember on…

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