Land of Fire Dreams and Ice

IMG_0261I dreamt of fire last night. In my dream someone had triggered a stove-top fire. I reached for an extinguisher, which I tore from the kitchen wall, and turned back to face the blaze, only to find there were no flames left; the fire had simply extinguished itself.

Maybe this has something to do with the four-plus feet of snow outside my front door. I’m having to get used to walking in a snow canyon to get to the parking space. I have to contend with narrowing roads and snow mountains obscuring traffic at dicey street corners. I hear stories of people chasing others with shovels. Just last week a woman reportedly chased another female neighbor with a snowblower. Yikes!

I have not succumbed to snow rage, but I do have snow fatigue — a weariness which comes from too much shoveling. Yet I did get in my licks on the driveway last week, during a rare sunny afternoon that foretold of the coming warmth of spring. I actually slowed down and enjoyed the rhythm of shovel/walk/dump/walk/shovel, and I removed snow to such a degree that a neighbor called my parking space “manicured.” Imagine! But, as a perfectionist, it’s never as perfect as I would wish, and the forecast of another storm makes me snarl that the forces of nature would yet again undo what I have worked so hard to dig out. Such is life in snow country.

IMG_0309I found myself wishing I had invested in snow shoes back in the fall, but the closest I got was a new pair of winter snow boots; they have had quite a workout.

The blessing in it all is that humor has barged happily in to keep things in some perspective. I’ve imported a few examples into this post. I relish the fact that “meteorological spring” begins March 1.


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