The music in my hiker’s head

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach has the key to my head (more on this in a moment).

When I’m backpacking or hiking I have an inner soundtrack that plays in my mind.  Since I can readily recall and play music it in my head I don’t need to take an MP3 player when I’m on the trail.  I find it’s better that way; no extra weight, no batteries or recharging involved, plus I can hit pause at will.

If music could express how I feel about backpacking, here are some significant pieces from my playlist which stand out:

When I was climbing summits on the Long Trail in Vermont, or venturing along scenic ridge-lines: Soundtrack to “The Last Valley,” by John Barry.

When I’m stepping through deep, dark forests: Overture to “Parsifal” by Wagner.

Want to get inside of my hiker’s head?  Well, the piece of music to describe my passion for the Appalachian Trail would be: Cello Concerto in A minor, by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

I want you to perform an experiment.  Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and listen to the feeling and passion behind this music.

There — you’ve just seen inside my hiker’s head!



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