It Bears Repeating: Winter Conditions on the Appalachian Trail during Springtime


Photo courtesy BlueRidgeKitties at Flickr

Weather. Winter holds its grip on the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine during the traditional “spring break” period of March and early April. Though temperatures in lowlands may be springlike in the South, the high elevations of the mountains experience weather comparable to New England. Annual snowfall in places (most notably the Smokies in Tennessee/North Carolina) exceeds 100 inches a year. Snow in March and April is common. But, wide temperature swings are the norm. Be prepared for temperatures in the teens (or even colder at elevations above 5000 feet in the South); also be ready for some warmer days. Trees at high elevations will be bare until May in the South, so pack sunscreen. The least severe weather on the entire A.T. typically occurs in the northern Virginia/Maryland section of A.T., and Georgia, which have the most favorable combinations of low elevation and/or a southerly latitude.(published by the Appalachian Trail Conference [now known as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy], revised March, 2005; accessed February 1, 2013 –


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2 responses to “It Bears Repeating: Winter Conditions on the Appalachian Trail during Springtime

  1. A good reminder! I still need to get the rest of my “winter” spring gear, like a silk bag liner and compact down jacket. Brrr!

  2. Reblogged this on Write in Front of Me and commented:

    Yes, it’s March. And, yes, severe winter conditions can occur along the Appalachian Trail in springtime.

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