Chipmunk brazenly nabs “honey bear” on Appalachian Trail

Honey Bears

Honey Bears (Photo credit: Coco Mault)

There was nothing I could do.  It was a lost cause.  Though the peril was not my own, my heart went out to my fellow hiker, who watched in anguish as his morning breakfast was disrupted.

We were enjoying breakfast in a shelter in the Great Smoky Mountains along the Appalachian Trail; one which had chain-link fencing on the front.  Rangers say it’s to keep the bears out and protect hikers.  My view has long been that the shelters along the A.T. in the Smokies are the only place where they put the people in cages and the animals roam free.  In this case, an ambitious chipmunk had just stalked between the links of chain and glommed onto the plastic “honey bear” my backpacking friend was about to use to drizzle his morning pancakes.

Siberian Chipmunk photographed on the mountain...

Too late!  The critter swiftly embraced the bottle with his tiny paws and dragged it through the gap in the chain-link.  I laughed.  My friend bolted out the door.  The chipmunk dropped his lucre and scattered.  Still too late; the chipmunk had gnawed the container top and my friend feared it was contaminated.  Since there was only a little honey in the battered bottle  he opted to put peanut butter and jelly on his pancakes instead.  Likely a wise decision.

This was an isolated incident, fortunately.  My companion said he did not like the idea of a “chipmunk apocalypse” one bit!



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3 responses to “Chipmunk brazenly nabs “honey bear” on Appalachian Trail

  1. Lol. A chipmunk apocalypse! Nice.

  2. Love the visual of a chipmunk hauling off with a bottle of honey that was probably the same size or bigger than himself! And he probably had to work real hard to get that last drop of honey out!

  3. Reblogged this on Write in Front of Me and commented:

    Wildlife is already showing signs of impatient scurrying in my yard; who knows how safe a “honey bear” will be *this* year?

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