Farewell, dear Ferryman – Stephen J. Longley

Kennebec River Ferry, photo courtesy g63marty at Flickr

Kennebec River Ferry, photo courtesy g63marty at Flickr

Stephen J. Longley.  On the Maine section of the Appalachian Trail, he was an indispensable link across the Kennebec River for most hikers, who would otherwise have had to ford the river on foot.  His passing is a loss to the Appalachian Trail community; he will be greatly missed.



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5 responses to “Farewell, dear Ferryman – Stephen J. Longley

  1. The trail is not just a path in the dirt. It’s also the people who walk it, or in this case, row it. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. There are many stories of gratitude for people like the ferryman who make a thru-hikers travels a little easier. May he always find calm waters and have the wind at his back. RIP Stephen. You are now a true trail angel!

  3. Reblogged this on Trail-Hike-Life and commented:
    A true legend has passed. RIP Ferryman.

  4. Sorry to hear of Stephen’s passing.

  5. Sue Longley

    Brother Steve, the Ferryman, is now blazing a trail into the heavens with his red, white-blazed, Old Town Canoe in tow and ready to ferry himself and others across the waters between here and the hereafter. Thanks all for all the fine thoughts and wishes. Sister Sue L. a.k.a. “The Ferryman’s Sister!”

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