Stepping from the Appalachian Trail “at the leaving of the day”


Whenever I arrive at camp or a shelter on the Appalachian Trail, I drop my backpack and take a long, relaxing breath.  Then I step away.  Often I will go to the waterside, if there’s a lake or stream, and sit for a while.  If it’s sunset, I will delay dinner until I take in the leaving of the day.  I don’t mull over what I will cook to eat, or how my day on the trail went.  I simply take time and sit quietly, and reflect on the deeper reason I hike the trail.  There are no words for it; it goes beyond the achievement, beyond the adventure.  Perhaps image and music sum it up best for me.  In that spirit, I invite you to step away — just for a moment — and get a glimpse of what it feels like for me experience the Appalachian Trail.



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3 responses to “Stepping from the Appalachian Trail “at the leaving of the day”

  1. Angela Albano

    Tim, this video moved me to tears and filled me with His healing majesty. Thank you.

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