Hiking with Christmas on the Appalachian Trail


36053068751_3fa78e423c_zOne particular thing I remember about Maine.  While all my senses were affected during my backpacking expedition, the continual smell of the evergreens in the 100-MileWilderness is something which stays with me to this day.  A powerful and marvelous recollection.  I remember thinking, “This is like hiking through a forest of Christmas trees!”  What enchantment!  Bunchberries at my feet, their intense green punctuated by the stark rubies of the berries only served to ornament the forest floor, which made the entire trail a holiday wonderland.  Nothing before or since has compared.  Only the snow was missing.  Just another reminiscence I keep and use to reconnect with the deep woods along the Appalachian Trail when I cannot be there in person.

Balsam fir sun needles


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2 responses to “Hiking with Christmas on the Appalachian Trail

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    Always in my memory — backpacking the high ridge miles of Maine while enjoying the fragrance of countless conifers. Just like Christmas! Alas, the closest thing I have as a direct experience is the balsam candle which is burning. But, oh, the vividness of the memory! May the light and fragrance of this season fill your heart and soul with joy, peace, and hope!

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