Factoring in fear

3617957829_ecd0b3916f_bIt seemed like a bit of retro viewing when I noticed “Fear Factor” was back on television.  Contestants competed for money by escaping from cars submerged in water, diving into gallons of cow blood for cow hearts (you heard right!), and engaging in an Indian-Jones-like stunt involving a bus, helicopter, and boat in an attempt to “blow up” a floating barge.

Clearly, fear may not have been a factor for winning contestants, but the point that reality shows dealing with fear are still prime-time viewing choices.

Juxtapose that with the previous post and story about endurance athlete Gerry Duffy, certainly a man who overcame resistance and fear.  I found the piece to be challenging and inspiring and intimidating all at once.  I also wanted to become Gerry Duffy, and to achieve what he has.  And, having finished the piece I came to two conclusions:  I did, and I can.

First, on the next section, let’s deal with the “I did” part, the lessons I learned from it, and where I am with the entire fear issue right now.



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