Pen, pencil, or PC – how I write.

It all depends…

Having attended a typing class in my early education (remember the Royal manual typewriter?), I found it easy to make the translation to PC keyboards.  When my head is filled with data I need to “download” this is my preferred method.  If I have a string of ideas which need quick safekeeping for further development later on, using a PC keyboard is my choice.

Pens are another matter.  I have long been hard to please when it comes to ink pens.  Ballpoint is my preference for daily work, but being left-handed limits my choices.  I can’t use thick-barreled pens.  Also, a rubberized grip is vital.  Gel ink or felt-tips are out of question altogether.  I also like a fine point; the finer the better.  Pilot makes a fine-tip ballpoint with rubber grip that is my ideal writing instrument at the moment.

Pencils.  Blackfeet writing pencils are a great choice.  I like a dark line and Blackfeet is excellent.  Also, some recent pencil developments include a sort of “synthetic wood” which I don’t care for.  A “real” old-fashioned wooden pencil is my choice.

Finally, when it comes to pens and pencils, I use them when I’m in the composing stages of a project.  They “slow down” my writing so that my thoughts have a chance to lag behind a bit and develop.  This results in more useful and creative copy.  If I were to use a keyboard, my creativity would be outrun by my finger speed.  To ensure better initial drafts I always compose in longhand.


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